Last step before the ride

(November 5th 2015)


2 weeks..

That's all we have before the departure from France to South America. There is still a lot of preparations but also a lot of goodbye-ing to do.


First step, get together and assemble the material needed. To achieve this, Pierre leaves Lausanne and comes to Grenoble with Etienne in order to be there for Vivien's 26th birthday Party. It is also the start of this final stretch.


We spend two weeks in Grenoble shopping for our trip and we finally recover our beloved trikes.

The second week will be spent in Vendée; see our families one last time before leaving. To do this with two trikes, filled side bags and a lot of material still in their initial packaging, the Corsa has just enough space. Pierre will need to go to Vendée by train.

During this second week, we tested the trikes, unpacked, rearanged and stored all the material. We also finished all the administrative formalities.


To understand the extent of the delay we had, the trikes were stored and the side bags closed only two days before departure. As for the travel insurance, it was only chosen and bought 1h before our train left.


Once the departure date arrived, we had to make do with what we had prepared. Too bad if it is not perfect. For example, the trikes were transported in home made cloth wraps and wrapped in plastic at the airport Roissy Charles de Gaulle.


We flew all night to land at São Paulo at dawn (5h30am local); After a day of visiting th city center, we go back to the airport and fly to Buenos Aires, were we meet our Warm shower host Agus that same night.

The day of the 5th, was spent visiting the town wih Agus. We spent the evening with him and we got to go to his Roller hockey training session.

Finally at about midnight we go back to the airport to take our last plane, to Ushuaia.


Our arrival at Tierra del Fuego, is made under a beautiful blue sky. We still have to un-pack the material and start our trip. We are spent from this long journey but the motivation is plenty at this beginning of adventure!