10 days; is the amount of time during which we left our trikes for other means of transportation: bus, trekking and boat


We arrived at Puerto Natales, a weird looking village full of tourists with backpacks. A village without a soul but filled with hotels and restaurants. This time we’ve chosen the Couchsurfing option, at Gloria’s. At Gloria’s we’ve met a lot of travelers with whom we shared our meals.


The National Park, Torres Del Paine, is one of the attractions in Chile, a bit north of Puerto Natales. Glaciers, lakes with incredible colors and the three rocky towers make of this park unique. We went on the famous W trek for five days. When arriving at the starting point by bus, we chose to start the trek by a little frequented passage in which we saw a Puma in the distance. At the moment we didn’t realize how lucky we were.


The Grey Glacier that breaks into little icebergs, the Francès Glacier that offers us the sight of magnificent avalanches and finally, on the day before last, we arrived at the foot of the Torres. It was a wonderful trek that we recommend. The difficulty is medium-leveled and thus accessible to most. However, it would be best not to go during high season due to the big attendance. We finished the trek in the company of Quentin and Alyson, with whom we spent the day back to Puerto Natales, before taking the ferry to Puerto Montt.


Another way to travel: boat. Navimag is the company of the South Chilean ferries. It provides the important connections in a country where not all routes can be connected by ground.


It was for us a way to discover the Chilean fjords and the fauna of the south pacific as well as a way travel a great distance in less time than it would be needed on a bike. We didn’t see any penguins but the sea lions, albatrosses and whales made us forget it. From the whales we only saw the spray from their blowholes and a few fins far off. The cruise was the opportunity to meet travelers and a few Chileans, especially truck drivers. On the boat we met Susan and Chris, a couple from New Zealand, that are travelling by bike and just finished the austral Carretera from north to south. The crossing is beautiful and we enjoyed a good bed and large meals. We got off the boat at Puerto Montt and finally returned to our trikes. The trip resumed with four people, since the kiwis, Susan and Chris, joined us.


Torres del Paine and

the Chilian Fjords