A trip accross South America

6 months - 3 wheels




Who never dreams of going on an adventure? Leaving his home, his familiar environment and go out to meet unknown lands and different cultures. Inspired by travel stories and adventures of his favourite heroes, who never wanted to feel the urge of discovering new foreign regions and let himself go with the flow of the unexpected.

The idea of such a journey is always more or less present in each and everyone of us. But taking the plunge is always the most difficult part.


In march 2015, Pierre raised the idea to leave for a long trip between friends. And after a thoughtful reflexion on destination and transportation, here we go for a 6 months expedition through South America riding the not enough famous trike-bike.


Our adventure is just starting!




• Our Objective : Connecting Ushuaia to Buenos Aires through the Andes Mountains.

With a list of must see including (but not limited to):

oDiscovering the Tierra del Fuego

oNavigating through the Chilean fjords

oCrossing along the Andes Mountains

oAdmiring ancient civilizations (Incas, Chavin, Nazscas and more)

oGetting lost in tropical forests

oFinding back Atlantic Ocean and its colonial cities loaded with history


• The duration : 6 months. No too long for a first experience of this kind, but not too short to enjoy plainly and plainfully this wonderful continent.


• Our means of transportation :

oThe Trike-bike. Ideal (not too fast, not too slow) to enjoy every moment in every region we may cross. The perfect and original way to go with style!

oThe boat. Mandatory to visit from the inside every corner of the Chilean fjords. In addition, it will be the perfect mean to connect the Tierra del Fuego to South Chile without a compromising detour by Argentina.

oThe stop-biking. Perfect for the days the legs won't ride and to connect two locations too far away from one another.



•Our main urge : Living an incredible and unique adventure.




Thanks to this website, you will be able to follow us in our adventure in its whole form. It aims at helping ourselves during preparation and giving whoever wants precious information along our progress. At last, it will be the testimony of an outstanding adventure, creating eternal memories of this trip.

Furthermore, we wish through this website, to promote the Trike-bike as a roaming mean of transportation. Still not quite famous but ideal for this kind of trip.


At last, we will consign in these pages, all of our preparations, our evolving experiences, and if by chance it may inspire others ( as we have been inspired the same way) to take the plunge and go on their own adventures, it will be our most precious reward.




Follow our adventure!

We have the will to share our experience the most widely possible. That is why it is also possible for you to follow us through different social media : Facebook for news and articles all along the journey, Instagram for new pictures regularly. Or our Youtube channel for some video contents along the trip.


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